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When I bought chery.dk I thought of the song Chery Chery Lady with the band Modern Talking. I thought it was spelled Chery and not Cheri because on the net I saw it spelled like that on a website. Later I found out that in some places it is spelled Cheri instead of Chery.
The spelling mistake annoyed me at first, but nevermind, the spelling mistake is not that important. The name Chery has the schh or ch sound which of unknown reason is one I like. I believe, I have it with this domain, as parents of a physically challenged child feel: one loves it anyway even the child is not perfect.

I love hearing music from Modern Talking, Boney M, ABBA and ELO in the radio, watch them on TV or listening to cd's.
I have discovered that I am not the only one that enjoys Modern Talking from the traffic that I see on the site, so it is nice to share the interest with others.

Modern Talking seems to have gotten a comeback in Danish radio the late 00 years, and that is nice. They got some happy, lively and cosy melodies.

Now I have decided to turn this site into a Danish site where I will blog about vaious issues and otherwise post Danish articles (at least mostly). It seems that collecting articles is fun, so that is what I did on the site until I decided to move them to Tabloid.co. There are written articles about celebrities, who sing well. You also find articles about persecution of Christans around the word on Tabloid.co. But the articles about Modern Talking will remain here, as their song Chery Chery Lady were the origin of this site.

In the future I will focus a lot more on other topics. Topics like: environment, alternative energy, politics, hobbies and what comes to mind.

I hope you enjoy the site.
O. M. A. R.

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