Michael Jackson bizzare photos! Celebrity in special conditions

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Michael Jackson Bizzare Photos!!

Michael Jackson with his son Prince. Showing off that he Michael Jackson has produced an heir. Today many wonder if it was true fatherly pride or a show for the world to see of the man that lacks no money to make theather of any situation in life.

On a trip in Germany Michael Jackson showed all the Michael Jackson fans his son by lifting him outside of the balcany on the 4th floor. This has been heavily criticized by the media.

To make matters worse a journalist followed Michael Jackson and his children for 8 months and shocked the world by his photos and report that the kids of Michael Jackson had to wear a mask. An abnormal life for small kids. Not a pretty face of Michael Jackson either in this photo. The tv report shows Michael Jackson and his affection for a 12 year old boy. Also informing about that often or sometimes children sleep in Michael Jacksons bedroom.


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