Michael Jackson famous singer known as king of pop

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Michael Jackson is probably the most famous and fabulous singer of the world ever. Michael Jacksons music is captivating and Michael Jacksons music video's are fantastic work of art each and every one of them.


Michael Jackson started to sing as a small boy and his career has only grown and blossomed since then.

Michael Jackson himself has as many singers given lots of money to charity and started his own charities especially for children.

But the other part of fame has been difficult for Michael Jackson to handle as he seems to have problems with his ego and etical judgement about how to deal with small children and especially boys.

The Michael Jackson music site is about Michael Jackson and some of Michael Jacksons photos as well as history or biography are displayed here.

If you want to join his fan club or ask some questions then here is the address:

Michael Jackson Fan Club
MJ News Internationnal
PO BOX 7998
Bournemouth, BHA 4xl

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